71 minutes | Oct 22, 2020

Uncovering Who You Are Designed to Be with Raelene Bergen Harder

In this episode you’ll hear:How feeling incomplete, inconsistent and like you’re not making any traction in your life may actually be a clue into something really POSITIVE about yourself.What a “Renaissance Personality” is and why they’re deeply needed in today’s culture.Why being good and clever at several things doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you.Why learning who you’re designed to be, embracing your essence and shifting from playing small to shining bright— can change everything and bring your greatest joy and fulfillment.Why leadership starts with you (whether you think you’re a leader or not) and why finding your genius zone is the first step.Raelene Bergen Harder is an entrepreneur, professional facilitator, Founder of Tribe Leadership Consulting, and Personal Mastery Consultant and Coach specializing in Effective Leadership. For 20 years Raelene has worked with individuals and organizations to maximize their effectiveness both at the organizational as well as personal levels.LINKS:For full show notes and links, visit: https://christieturley.com/mind-muse-podcast-43/💡 Discover your #1 Money Block: http://ProfitGeniusPodcast.com/free
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