50 minutes | Jan 11, 2020

3.7 Hermione slaps Malfoy

IT’S THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.But first, a summary of the events we cover in this episode, chapters 14. Snape’s Grudge and 15. The Quidditch Final. After Sirius Black almost attacked Ron, more steps are taken to increase Hogwarts security: Sir Cadogan is out and the Fat Lady is instituted again, along with security trolls to protect her. When Ron and Harry meet Hagrid to discuss Sirius Black, they discover that Hermione had been helping him to argue for Buckbeak for their case against the committee for the Disposal of Magical Creatures. He also tells them to value the friendship they have with her. However, Hagrid’s plan to get them back together has no chance of going through because Ron and Harry immediately hatch a plan that Hermione doesn't get behind: Harry visiting Hogsmeade using the invisibility cloak. Ron and Harry visit Zonkos, the post office and the Shrieking Shack. Everything would have been fine and things would have gone off, without a hitch, if Harry had not reacted to Malfoy’s comments about the Weasley family by throwing muck at him. He almost gets into serious trouble with Snape but Professor Lupin rescues him and admonishes him for being careless. He also reveals that he knows the makers of the Marauders Map. To make things worse, Harry and Ron find out from Hermione that Hagrid’s appeal failed and that Buckbeak’s execution date has set. This news unites the trio finally, right in time for the Quidditch final. It’s Gryffindor vs Slytherin for the Quidditch Cup, a match that Harry wins for Gryffindor. When he lifts the cup in the air, he feels that it would probably be the happiest moment of his life. Are we done?Feels like we’re done.Oh yeah, Hermione hears Malfoy talk shit about Hagrid and just slaps him. Just slaps, no questions no explanations. Her rebellious streak continues when she doesn't show up for the Charms class and quits Divination, quite dramatically. As with everything, Hermione is better than Harry and Ron at teenage rebellion too!NOTESHermione slaps Malfoy in the book but she punches Malfoy in the movies. We’re pedantics, till the bitter end. Aishwarya had a cold while recording this episode. Apologies for the stray sniffs and the nasal voice. It’s our two year anniversary! As the silent partner in this endeavour, you've made every step of this journey incredible. If you’re a super listener, thank you for all your feedback and good will. If you've been listening sporadically, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. If you're just starting out, welcome! We love you already.Please let us know all your theories, comments, and wishes by either commenting on our website or writing to us at mimblewimblepodcast@gmail.com. We love fanart, comics and fanfiction so really, send everything our way.You can also listen to this podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, or any other favorite podcast app. Just search for Mimblewimble - The Harry Potter Podcast.
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