54 minutes | Sep 23, 2019

3.5 Hermione and Ron's friendship comes to an end

Oh hi there! Didn’t see you before. In this episode, Hermione eats a nice Christmas dinner, has to make a really really hard decision and rat her friends out to her teacher, spend some time by herself as a consequence, go through a reconciliation with said friends and then end up in a fight again with one of them because of her cat. Poor Hermione! That’s a lot of things for one person to go through over the course of one episode. SUMMARYWhen we last left off, Harry is still reeling from the shock of what he overheard in The Three Broomsticks. He is angry, confused, betrayed but mostly angry because so many people, including Hagrid, knew that Sirius Black is the reason his parents are dead but did not tell him. But instead of confronting Hagrid, he offers to help Hagrid defend Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, whose only crime was attacking an influential man's son. The dreary mood is lifted briefly by the arrival of an international standard broomstick - the Firebolt - as a Christmas present. Hermione is suspicious of the fact that someone sent Harry an expensive broomstick and it is not Professor Mcgonagall. She gets McGonagall to confiscate the broom leading to a rift within the trio. Sybil Trelawney makes a special appearance in the small Hogwarts Christmas dinner and brings attention to the fact that Lupin is ill.The term starts and with that comes Wood. He takes it as his personal task to harass McGonagall and get the Firebolt back. Meanwhile, Lupin starts teaching Harry how to get rid of Dementors because Harry does not want to faint during the Gryffindor vs ravenclaw match that is coming up. He learns from Lupin that the Ministry has announced that if Sirius Black is caught, he will have his soul sucked out of his body with a Dementor’s kiss. Harry thinks this is an appropriate punishment for Sirius’ crime but Lupin does not seem to agree. McGonagall and the other professors test and find out that there is nothing wrong with the Firebolt and return it to Harry. Harry and Ron are so overjoyed that they almost make up with Hermione. But all hell breaks loose when Scabbers goes missing and Ron finds evidence of Crookshanks' involvement. It seems as if Ron and Hermione's friendship has ended.NOTESWhen Prashanthini is sad, she drinks plain old tea with milk. When Aishwarya is sad, she drinks non-milk tea and eats cookies. LOTS of them. Her favorite cookies have cream or jam in them.We’ve spoken about this enough and I (Aishwarya)’m also getting tired of this but JKR’s math wrt when the Gryffindor team last won the Quidditch Cup just doesn’t add up. If Gryffindor hasn’t won it since Charlie left (and JKR puts this at the year before Harry joined), why does Wood say it’s been 7 years?! What kind of time loop is Wood living in?
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