9 minutes | Aug 17, 2020

Welcome to Million Dollar Business Stories with Cori Willis!

In Million Dollar Business Stories, Cori Willis, an in-demand business strategist and consultant, shares true stories about big & small businesses facing big money dilemmas or seizing incredible opportunities. Listeners will get stories about million-dollar ideas in business, incredible legal cases, and the bold entrepreneurs behind them. Cori talks business, entrepreneurship, economics, law, popular culture, strategy, Shakespeare, Confucius, the Bible, and whatever else brings the stories to life. She asks one critical question: What would YOU have done? After every episode, she’ll leave you with power takeaways you can use in your business right now. Have you got a business dilemma or incredible story? Drop her a line and she may just discuss it on air.  Get in touch with Cori:Website: www.CoriWillis.comwww.CoriWillis.com/MillionDollarBusinessStoriesFacebook: www.Facebook.com/WillisChristianBusinessEmail: Info@CoriWillis.com
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