45 minutes | Mar 19th 2021

Could a Financial Coach Be the Secret to Success | Lesley Ihionkhan

You’ve got a lot of ideas about your money and things that you want to do, but somehow you’re just not making progress. Where do you start? As our guest, financial coach Lesley Ihionkhan says, you need someone who can help you go from money ideas to money action.There are just so many acronyms when it comes to finances. We’ve got CFP, CPA, CFA, and other finance titles. How in the world do you know which one you need? Good question my friend. Meet Lesley. She’s the Founder and Executive Director of Common Wealth Coaching and co-host of the Seeds podcast. Lesley believes that you don’t have to be a “money person” to live a full and happy life, but you might need a little help to get there.What You'll LearnWhat is a financial coach and how can it benefit youTips to spend towards your goalsHow to spend smarter in 2021Ways to move past emotional triggers with moneyHow a financial coach can help you take actionWhat money systems do you need to be successfulLinksCommon Wealth CoachingSeeds podcastShannah on the Seeds podcastEpisode SponsorsLiterati Kids is a subscription book club for kids ages 0 - 12 that sends 5 beautiful children’s books to your door each hand-picked by experts. Go to http://www.literati.com/mymoney for TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF your FIRST TWO ORDERS.The average person saves $720 per year with Truebill. Take control of your finances and start saving at Truebill.com/MM.Get a new money mindset in just 10 minutes a day with the Money Mindset Journal. Shop now at http://www.helloitsme.world and use code MONEYMINDSET for 10% off your order.SUBSCRIBE & SHAREWant to be the first to know when new episodes are released? Click here to subscribe in iTunes! IT’S FREE!👉 Sign up for my weekly LET’S TALK MONEY email newsletter.Ask ShannahHave an Ask Shannah question, submit it hereGet SocialShannah on TwitterShannah on Instagram
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