57 minutes | Jun 21st 2020

Marijuana Research - Know Your Facts

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio presents guest and author Alex Berenson. Alex has done extensive research about the use of marijuana amid the widespread growth of legislative easing. His new book, “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” takes no political stance. Cannabis use is a personal choice, and he shares strictly the science, research, outcomes, and patterns of cannabis use. We have come to believe that cannabis is a helpful herbal substance, and yet – anything we inhale or ingest in our bodies as potential side effects. In the growing (teen/young adult brain), there can be more serious effects than those in adults. Just as alcohol is not safe for all, learn about side effects from edibles (manage amounts!), possible interactions and symptoms, plus safety and knowledge of how cannabis has evolved since the 70’s. Everyone serves and together we make a difference.
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