69 minutes | Apr 13th 2021

Fleur Cushman - the science behind blackcurrants

Mikki talks to Fleur about how she got in to the supplement industry, and what it is about NZ Blackcurrants particularly (as opposed to blackcurrants grown elsewhere) that makes them particularly special. They talk about the latest research in the performance arena (and why the likes of Dougal Allan, NZ Coast to Coast champion in 2021 (https://dougalallan.com/), swears by them) and their application for improving metabolic and immune health. Papers spoken about in today's episode can be found here: https://curranz.co.nz/blogs/research-papersCurranz: https://curranz.co.nz/Fleur Cushman is the Co-Founder (and a New Zealander) who grew up under the life-shaping influence of her father, natural health pioneer and pharmacist Mike Cushman, who developed the hugely successful 'Clinicians' range of vitamin and mineral supplements.It was Mike who shared with Fleur the power of New Zealand blackcurrants and urged her to develop its incredible potential on the international stage.Fleur has lived in the UK for over 20 years and before launching CurraNZ, was a sports journalist and editor on a leading national newspaper
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