50 minutes | Dec 6th 2019

Mike Safo with Ric Gazarian aka Global Gaz

Joined today by travel blogger, author and host of the podcast “Counting Countries” Rick "Global" Gazarian. Rick and I talk about elite characters that have visited every country in the world and what makes him want to achieve this tremendous feat. We hear about how losing his job and traveling the world for 11 months changed his life. He tells us about his podcast “Counting Countries” and interviewing the people who have visited all 193 countries. Gaz takes us through some of his unique travels, such as: sleeping in the exclusion zone in Chernobyl, spending two weeks all over Afghanistan and why he’s still left speechless by the Kowloon in Hong Kong. As an author of 3 books he talks about his famous list of 193 books, 1 from each country and how a certain book about Thailand made him move there. From watching the Patriots in Bangkok to his lack of love for Ethiopia, Global Gaz takes us around the world with his eyes and mouth. Follow Global Gaz here: Website: https://globalgaz.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/globalgaz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Global_Gaz Podcast: https://globalgaz.com/counting-countries/
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