82 minutes | Jan 25th 2021

S1 E7 Mark Holcomb

Mark Holcomb is an Austin, TX based musician and a guitarist for the 5-piece progressive metal band, Periphery. The band's latest release, Periphery IV: Hail Stan was met with rave reviews and reached #1 on the US Independent Albums chart.The band were Grammy nominated for their song 'The Price is Wrong' and are credited with spearheading a new wave of innovative rock and metal musicians utilising creative and playful rhythms with progressive elements, particularly a specific right hand picking technique previously associated with less melodic passages. They are also wonderful human beings.Mark plays PRS guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups/pedals. Visit http://periphery.net for more. Live in London is out now.For more information about the podcast, and for a discount on a new ToneWoodAmp, visit http://mikedaweshasapodcast.com
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