93 minutes | Mar 1st 2021

Might Be News Ep.137 "Gaga for Dogs" feat. Mr.Steve

This week Mr.Steve from Brews joins Taylor and Jackie for a extended 90 MINUTE episode! Lady Gaga's dogs, the Coopers got to the dentist, COVID fatigue and more!! We are sponsored by Linode, the largest independent open cloud provider in the world. Get started on Linode today with a $100 in free credit for listeners of [MBN Network]. You can find all the details at linode.com/mbn. We are sponsored by Eunomia CBD! Go to www.eunomiaCBD.com and use our promo code for free shipping, free stuff and 20% off your order! Check out MBNnetwork.com for all the shows on the network, all the ways to listen, browse our merch shop and more! Go to www.patreon.com/mbnnetwork for exclusive extras including bonus episodes, giveaways and more!
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