73 minutes | Sep 17, 2021

That 90s Baseball Pod -- Ep. 8 (The Life of a Closer)

In the seventh episode of "That 90s Baseball Pod" Brandon and Gregg discuss the life of a closer in the late 80s and early 90s. Be sure to check out our sponsors!  Epare -- Reasonably priced, trendy kitchenware. PROMO CODE: 10T90BP10 SimBull -- The stock market for sports. PROMO CODE: bender Humility Chains -- Stylish, reasonably priced jewelry where a portion of proceeds supports NEGU, which helps children fighting cancer. Royce Lewis' mother Cindy has more than 20 stylish designs of bracelets and necklaces. Three Stars Sports Cards -- Visit them in person in Little Canda or Bloomington or online at the link above.  Hinterland Coffee Roasters -- Hinterland Coffee exists to bring you the freshest coffees from around the world, roasted to bring out their inherent flavors in a way that you’re comfortable with, wherever you’re at. Roasted each week, 10 percent off with monthly subscription.  We are also on PATREON here. Check out our tiers.  Finally, we also have hats available -- snapbacks. They're $20 shipped and can be ordered from Brandon on Twitter via DM. Follow Brandon and Gregg on Twitter! 
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