39 minutes | Aug 3, 2021

Shee Covarrubias Local Advocate for Anti-Racist Teaching

Welcome back to Midwest Misfits. Today Colleen is having a conversation with Shee Covarrubias a local advocate for public school education. Shee is a mother of two in the Papillion- LaVista School District who has been busy online and around town educating the public on the pushback on what we are sure everyone has heard of as the dog whistle: CRT or Critical Race Theory. You will hear Shee educate us that we need to be calling it Anti-Racist Teaching along with seeing it for what it is. Over 21 states have been debating and tackling this issue. On this episode, we are going to break down what this ban would mean for all children. Local politics is where we can all have a huge impact by simply showing up. Show up to write your representatives. Show up to run for office. Show up to support others who are speaking up. Show up to speak up yourself. One person can't do it all. We need MORE people to show up in support of anti-racist teaching. We begin the discussion with the Health Standards. We had our first dive into Nebraska Health Standards with The Women's Fund leadership and since then there has been another draft. This NEW draft removes ALL language on gender identity, inclusive teaching and understanding. Ignorance and silence will perpetuate harm to come to these already marginalized communities. It is a natural progression into the wider issue of anti-racism education. Thanks for joining. We appreciate you. Links: NOISE Omaha did an excellent article on Critical Race Theory: https://www.noiseomaha.com/news-now/2021/6/20/why-nearly-100-people-gathered-to-talk-about-critical-race-theory-in-omaha The Teachers Union Calls the Ban for CRT Censorship.... Which it is: https://omaha.com/news/local/education/nebraska-teachers-union-defends-critical-race-theory-accuses-critics-of-censorship/article_05301c1a-ea44-11eb-8a1b-cf1567b633ab.html --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/midwest-misfits/support
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