41 minutes | Aug 3, 2018

Episode 8: The Demon of the Gibbet & The Horror of Walker Point

EPISODE EIGHT: THE DEMON OF THE GIBBET by Fitz-James O’Brien A piece of horror poetry narrated by Paul Drinan, David LaGraffe, and Christine Marshall. THE HORROR OF WALKER POINT by Anthony Marino* In this play-within-a-play it’s Halloween in Portland, ME. And from the safety of a public radio studio the Rocky Coast Radio Theater is about to premiere a tribute audio drama to Stephen King only to find themselves besieged by…the undead?   Midnight Matinees is a production of Pocket Universe and Southgate Media Group. Contact information for Pocket Universe: Email: audiocomicsinfo@gmail.com Twitter: @P_Universe_Prod Facebook: @PUniverseProductions Instagram: pocketuniverseproductions   Contact information for Southgate Media Group:   Email: southgatemediagroup@gmail.com Twitter: @SMGPods Facebook: @southgatemediagroup  Instagram: smgpods
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