49 minutes | Aug 3, 2018

Episode 7: The Door Below & The Statement of Randolph Carter

EPISODE SEVEN: THE DOOR BELOW by Hugh B. Cave A reporter and his girlfriend row to Dolphinback Island in search of clues to a grisly murder. Unfortunately, the murderer is still lurking about. THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER by HP Lovecraft An occultist’s search for the supernatural ends up rather badly for him, and possibly for the world.   Midnight Matinees is a production of Pocket Universe and Southgate Media Group. Contact information for Pocket Universe: Email: audiocomicsinfo@gmail.com Twitter: @P_Universe_Prod Facebook: @PUniverseProductions Instagram: pocketuniverseproductions   Contact information for Southgate Media Group:   Email: southgatemediagroup@gmail.com Twitter: @SMGPods Facebook: @southgatemediagroup  Instagram: smgpods
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