45 minutes | Aug 3, 2018

Episode 6: The Monkey's Paw & The Toll House

EPISODE SIX: THE MONKEY’S PAW by WW Jacobs Three wishes are granted to the owner of the monkey’s paw. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. THE TOLL HOUSE by WW Jacobs “Of course, people have died in the house; people die in every house. As for the noises–wind in the chimney and rats in the wainscot are very convincing to a nervous man. Give me another cup of tea, Meagle.”   Midnight Matinees is a production of Pocket Universe and Southgate Media Group. Contact information for Pocket Universe: Email: audiocomicsinfo@gmail.com Twitter: @P_Universe_Prod Facebook: @PUniverseProductions Instagram: pocketuniverseproductions   Contact information for Southgate Media Group:   Email: southgatemediagroup@gmail.com Twitter: @SMGPods Facebook: @southgatemediagroup  Instagram: smgpods
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