58 minutes | Aug 3, 2018

Episode 3: A Cabin in the Woods & The Floodgates of Willowhill

EPISODE THREE:             A CABIN IN THE WOODS by Clay T. Graybeal* Shhh… the walls have ears. And more. THE FLOODGATES OF WILLOWHILL by Mary SanGiovanni Samantha lives in the land beyond the borders of Faulkesville, where apple blossoms fill in the air, kids still play on the tire swing near the lake, and an evil no one speaks of lives at the edge of town.   Midnight Matinees is a production of Pocket Universe and Southgate Media Group. Contact information for Pocket Universe: Email: audiocomicsinfo@gmail.com Twitter: @P_Universe_Prod Facebook: @PUniverseProductions Instagram: pocketuniverseproductions   Contact information for Southgate Media Group:   Email: southgatemediagroup@gmail.com Twitter: @SMGPods Facebook: @southgatemediagroup  Instagram: smgpods
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