58 minutes | Jul 20th 2020

106. Silver Fern Group: Adam VanWingerden on Building Software for the Horticulture Industry

On this week's episode, we sat down with Co-Founder of the Silver Fern Group, Adam VanWingerden. Adam and his Co-Founders (Stephen VanWingerden & Kevin Short) are helping growers simplify their horticulture businesses through introducing new software and hardware aimed at improving the way their data is mined and managed. The Silver Fern Group is in a unique position to solve this problem as the VanWingerden Family has been building successful horticulture businesses for generations since moving from the Netherlands to America. We discuss Silver Fern Group's progress, the size of the problem they are addressing, and the future of the horticulture industry. Thanks for tuning in!

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