41 minutes | Oct 25, 2015

Iran's Proxies in Syria

Phillip Smyth comes back on the show to discuss recent news and issues related to Iranian proxy groups fighting in Syria. Some of the topics covered include: Large increase in recruiting by Iranian proxy groups starting in August Iran’s determination to keep Assad in power Iran’s sectarian training of forces in Syria Why Iran’s interest in Syria extends far beyond just maintaining their connection to Hezbollah in Lebanon The recent increase of senior Iranian commanders being killed in Syria The complex web of Iran-backed groups operating in Syria The long-term implications of Iran’s leadership casualties Thanks to David, Wendy, and Ryan for supporting the show. If you’d like to help support the podcast, and get some cool rewards, check out the show’s Patreon page! Links: Iran’s Losing Major Operatives in Syria - The Daily Beast Hizballah Cavalcade | JIHADOLOGY Phillip Smyth (@PhillipSmyth) on Twitter Karl Morand (@KarlMorand) on Twitter
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