56 minutes | Apr 27, 2016

French Political Culture and Radicalization

Chris Meserole comes on the show to discuss The French Connection, a piece in Foreign Affairs based on research he’s doing with Will McCants. Some of the topics covered include: Overview of the study and their initial findings Problems related to the use of the term ‘radicalization’ The data they used and unique measurements they created to contextualize it Limitations in the data available and the conclusions that makes possible Reactions and criticism of their work How younger scholars can get started with quantitative research How Chris would like to see the field incorporate data science in the future Links: The French connection: Explaining Sunni militancy around the world | Brookings Institution Religional – religion, conflict & data science - Chris’ site where he’s posting in-depth articles about the research Chris Meserole (@chrismeserole) on Twitter Karl Morand (@KarlMorand) on Twitter
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