53 minutes | Aug 3, 2014

MBP #32: Jonathan Milligan on How to Launch, Promote & Grow Membership Sites from Scratch

One of the most popular ideas in all of business is known as the Lean Startup mentality. It applies to nearly everything in life, let alone business. While we never actually say the words “lean startup” during our chat, it’s a mentality that pervades everything Jonathan Milligan has done in building multiple courses and several membership sites. His latest, Blogging Your Passion, was borne out of a group on 48days.net, a site I didn’t even know about before Jonathan shared it with me, and eventually grew into a membership site with over 300 members (and growing!). The approach he took in marketing and building the “University” is brilliant and we go into what he did and why I think it’s a brilliant approach. It’s worth noting that while we say “building,” we only briefly touch on the technology behind the site. We discuss what he uses for video and office hours, but we don’t go into the hardcore technical aspects of setting up the site. What will you learn in this episode: His background as an educator and how that manifested itself in his online business His first business in career coaching, which came out of his work in executive searching Behind the scenes of his first membership site in career coaching How he built Blogging Your Passion – from content creation to getting his first beta/charter members How he adds value to the membership site, such as office hours, additional modules How he gets members today How he builds a sense of community within the membership How he prices his courses and membership sites (and why higher is better) Resources and links mentioned in this chat: JonathanMilligan.com BloggingYourPassion.com The 48Days.net Blogging Your Passion group that started it all Find him on Twitter @jonmilligan How to subscribe There are two main ways – Stitcher and iTunes. iTunes Simply click on this link and you’ll be taken to the page where you can subscribe. Stitcher Here’s the link to the Microblogger Podcast where you can subscribe to the Microblogger podcast via Stitcher. Finally, if you aren’t using either service and prefer RSS, here’s our RSS feed. Quick favor… Tell everyone you know that this is a great podcast… unless you think it sucks. Please tell me and I’ll try to make it better! It would mean a lot to me if you could leave me a review and a rating on iTunes, it makes a big difference and helps others find the show! To leave a review, click here and thanks so so much! The post MBP #32: Jonathan Milligan on How to Launch, Promote & Grow Membership Sites from Scratch appeared first on Microblogger.
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