39 minutes | May 25, 2014

MBP #22: Ashley Jacobs, How to Throw a Successful #Trending Twitter Party

Wise Bread is extremely active in the personal finance blogging community and the cornerstone of that outreach strategy has been Ashley Jacobs. She joined the Wise Bread team in 2011 as a community coordinator and her role has expanded over the years, to include all of Wise Bread’s social media efforts. One of the most visible, and successful, social media efforts she leads are Wise Bread’s weekly Tweetchats. This episode dives deep into these Tweetchats (some people call them Twitter parties) and hits on everything from how to get one off the ground, how to measure your progress, how to get people to attend, how to find sponsors, and what you can do after the Tweetchat to create unique content from the chat itself. For those who like stats, 92% of Wise Bread’s sponsored Tweetchats make the trending list. That’s impressive. It’s a great discussion from someone who has done a lot of Twitter parties over the years. (This post by my friend Mike Delgado is also very very good when it comes to successful twitter chats) What will you learn in this episode: How to start a Tweetchat (and what NOT to do) What makes a successful Tweetchat How to promote your Tweetchat How to know when your Tweetchat is trending How to manage a Tweetchat as a host (tchat.io) How holidays impact Tweetchats (you will be surprised) How to find sponsors for your Tweetchats and how to get them coming back for more The five statistics sponsors care about How to create unique content from your Tweetchats (Storify) Resources and links mentioned in this chat: Check out Wise Bread’s Weekly Tweetchats, every Thursday at 12pm PST, register for a shot at the giveaway… minimum is usually $100. Hashtracking and Tweetreach for statistics Find Wise Bread on Twitter @WiseBread and Facebook Find Ashley Jacobs on Twitter @collegecents How to subscribe There are two main ways – Stitcher and iTunes. iTunes Simply click on this link and you’ll be taken to the page where you can subscribe. Stitcher Here’s the link to the Microblogger Podcast where you can subscribe to the Microblogger podcast via Stitcher. Finally, if you aren’t using either service and prefer RSS, here’s our RSS feed. Quick favor… Tell everyone you know that this is a great podcast… unless you think it sucks. Please tell me and I’ll try to make it better! It would mean a lot to me if you could leave me a review and a rating on iTunes, it makes a big difference and helps others find the show! To leave a review, click here and thanks so so much! The post MBP #22: Ashley Jacobs, How to Throw a Successful #Trending Twitter Party appeared first on Microblogger.
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