22 minutes | Mar 4, 2019

Steven Mazur, Cofounder Ash & Erie

In this episode of the Impact Michigan podcast, we chat with Steven Mazur, Cofounder/CEO at Ash & Erie.  A metro-Detroit native, Steven has grown to love the city and its people. So much so that he moved back to start his career and eventually found a company. Going through the startup-world famous Venture for America program, he took his learnings and experiences back with him to Detroit to help grow Waymark (also a Detroit startup) and eventually cofound Ash & Erie. After pitching their company on Shark Tank, Steven and his co-founder, Eric, landed a deal with none other than Mark Cuban.  We chat about growing up in similar zipcodes, Venture for America being a "people accelerator," his experience on Shark Tank, working with Mark Cuban, and a whole lot more. Presenting Partner: Intermitten is a grassroots, volunteer-operated organization that was founded in 2016. Our mission is to unite the Midwest tech community, thoughtfully nurture its development, and highlight it as a hub of and destination for entrepreneurial talent and innovation. Partner Highlight: NewFoundry is an Ann Arbor based innovation studio working with leaders and change-makers from startups to multinational corporations; from health systems to automotive suppliers; from financial services to consumer products – and beyond. Links: Ash & Erie Intermitten NewFoundry
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