33 minutes | Mar 7, 2019

Henri Pierre-Jacques, Co-founder Harlem Capital

In this episode of the Impact Michigan podcast, we chat with Henri  Pierre-Jacques, Detroit expat and co-founder of Harlem Capital. I ran  into him at last Fall's Detroit Homecoming and was fortunate enough to  grab him for 30 minutes as he was hustling around meeting Detroit  entrepreneurs and investors.  We chat about Harlem Capital's  mission to fund 1,000 diverse founders, building financial literacy  programs in education, overcapitalized startups, and the growth and  development of Detroit's startup ecosystem. Presenting Partner: Intermitten is a grassroots, volunteer-operated organization that was  founded in 2016. Our mission is to unite the Midwest tech community,  thoughtfully nurture its development, and highlight it as a hub of and  destination for entrepreneurial talent and innovation. Partner Highlight: Ann Arbor SPARK, a non-profit organization, is advancing the region by encouraging and supporting business acceleration, attraction, and retention. The organization identifies and meets the needs of business at every stage, from start-ups to large organizations. To achieve its mission, Ann Arbor SPARK collaborates with business, academic, government, and community investor partners. For more information, visit www.AnnArborUSA.org. Links: Harlem Capital Intermitten NewFoundry
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