26 minutes | Sep 15, 2019

Andy Gutman, President The Farbman Group

Andy Gutman is a commercial real estate exec and songwriter/author combo. He may be the President of the Farbman Group during his 9-to-5, but for his 5-to-9 he’s chosen and pretty unique side hustle as a songwriter and children’s book author. We chat about how he finds his left and right brain balance, how his kids fuel his creative fire, and what parents can learn from deploying creativity in their parenting strategy. Links: The Farbman Group: https://www.farbman.com/ Intermitten: www.intermitten.org Charlie the Caterpillar: https://www.gutcheckpublishing.com/author.php Andy’s Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/Andy-Gutman/e/B07B6BR767
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