30 minutes | Feb 6, 2019


Nearly ALL diets and programs "work", at least to a degree, or temporarily. Why is that so? In this episode, we chat about what drives temporary success as well as, oftentimes, the return to old habits. More importantly, we'll cover three tools you can use to change it so that the changes you work so hard for, can last! Follow me on Instagram: @chelleherzog Get access to the FREE Mini Course where I walk you through my Five Pillars Process that I use with my clients:  www.MichelleFit.com/discovery Get a bunch of other freebies! Free Stuff Youtube: MichelleFit TV Private FB Group: Modern Health Support Group I hope you enjoy the episode! If you do, please leave me a review on iTunes.   FROM YOUR PHONE:  1. In the iTunes phone app, click the search bar in the bottom right corner (yes, even if you're already ON the show! lol) 2. Put in "Beyond Burning Fat" and click search 3. Look for the podcast artwork in the results 4. Scroll down the page util you see "Rating & Reviews"  5. Click on WRITE A REVIEW which is UNDERNEATH the latest review - that opens an area to type your review AND allows you to pick the number of stars (I LOVE the 5 stars!! But only if you truly feel that way ;-)) NOTE: if you click the number of stars at the top, it will just register the stars and not give you a space to type your review! 6. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart :-)   FROM YOUR DESKTOP: 1. Open your iTunes app/store 2. Navigate to "Beyond Burning Fat" page (you'll see a list of all the episodes) 3. Click on ANY of the "listen in iTunes" hyperlinks to the RIGHT of each episode. And agree to "open in iTunes" 4. Click on "Ratings & Reviews" at the top of the episodes list (above the line, it's the middle link) 5. Click on "Write a Review" just above the latest review (it's the middle of 3 links in smaller print) 6. Thank you! Again, from the bottom of my heart ;-) I know it's not easy (iTunes makes it a fun little game!) and it takes a few moments of your time, so thank you. It's the whip cream and a cherry on top of the motivation sundae ;-) Let's roll it! Chelle
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