60 minutes | Aug 7th 2018

When Did The Right Get So Wrong On Free Speech?


A new poll finds that 43 percent of Republicans believe President Trump "should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior," while a similar percentage of Democrats would support a law mandating legal consequences for people who refuse to use someone's preferred pronouns.

In other words, virtually nobody really supports free speech. That's just great.

Meanwhile, Heather MacDonald is perhaps America's premiere researcher on the issue of policing and race. She has a new book, The Diversity Delusion, coming out later this year. She joins us Behind The Blue Wall to give a rhetorical beatdown to Elizabeth Warren's claim that the criminal justice system is "racist-all the way, from front to back."

And Ivy League progressives are rallying around Harvard University in a lawsuit over their continued use of race as a criteria for admission. Lee Cheng is a Harvard grad fighting his alma mater at the Asian-American Legal Foundation.

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