55 minutes | May 25th 2018

Girl Problems, Gender Wars And a “Special Place in Hell”

New England broadcasting legend and media gadfly VB (yes, that's his name) is on this edition of the Behind The Blue Wall podcast, helping your humble host navigate his way through the gender wars of the liberal Northeast. We talk Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein and Morgan Freeman...and suddenly realize that would be the beginning of a HELL of a joke.

We also debate the NFL "national anthem" policy, and VB almost brings the entire conversation to an abrupt end by using a word that should be kept away from your children (but not for reasons you think). Oh, and President Ronald Reagan makes a cameo appearance to help settle a language issue.

Speaking of higher learning, professor Mitchell Langbert of the National Association of Scholars has done a study for NAS.org on just how liberal the faculty at our liberal arts colleges truly is. The numbers are frightening.


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