62 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

Muskegon Trip

#muskegon #muskegoncannabis #podcast #cannabis #cannabispodcast #new Episode 93 Cannadave & Groovee of MiCannaCast talks about the recent trip out to Muskegon Michigan to check out a couple of cannabis provisioning centers. We also have a flower review on Sherbert by NOBO. Is Delta 8 getting Banned in Michigan? What really is going on with the Covert Cups recall here in Michigan. All this and more in the newest episode. Sherbert Strain Review Cannadave & Groovee review the cannabis strain Sherbert. Sherbert was grown by NOBO and we bought it at their Muskegon location. Sherbert is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, it's also known as Sunset Sherbert. This specific strain has a gassy & Limonene terpene profile. Have you tried Sherbert before? If so is it one of your top strains? Cannadave & Groovee talk about what makes Sherbert so unique & does it pass the MiCannaCast Strain Review. Tune in and Find out. Muskegon Cannabis The Westside of Michigan is a hub for cannabis spots. We stopped in at Muskegon and were wowed away by all the cannabis companies out there. It had tons of different shops and we were able to hit a couple of them.  The first stop we stopped in was NOBO. NOBO is about the quality of the Flower they produce. We had on Alan Bonsett Owner/Founder of NOBO a brand from Colorado that has entered the Michigan market. We reviewed the Sherbert and the Truffle pig products of NOBO. The overall shop was neat, friendly staff and knowledgeable, they also have deals and grams can cost around 10.40 for one. The Second Shop was Timber Cannabis, a nice spot, and friendly staff was there. They are vertically integrated like NOBO but didn't have any flowers of their own yet. They're currently in the process of growing and harvesting their first batch in the coming months. They based their cannabis on how it made you feel instead of Indica & Sativa. Cannadave ended up getting an 8yth of Michigrown Runtz to try out which was pretty good. The Third shop was Redbud Roots. Very cool-looking shop as well, we didn't get much from this shop. Groovee picked up some Gorilla Glue wax which is reviewed on the CannaCon episode towards the end. See What Groovee thought of the wax! Finally the last stop was Rair, which also was vertical integrated carrying mostly their own in-house product. We picked out a couple of grams of Flower Platinum Garlic & Glue, as well as some Live Rosin of Plantium Garlic. The platinum garlic had a  unique taste definitely a spicy & limonene taste. Covert Cups Recall A big recall in Michigan happened the other day to a product we like to eat, which is Covert Cups. They're edibles two pack 50mg a piece comes in a couple of different flavors. The state recalled them over packaging because it didn't match up to the original package. Berg from Medical Mondays had a great interview with Chris from Covert Cups to discuss what truly happened. The company that produced the cups Euclid lost their license temporarily because of the test and not good healthy practices happening inside the facility. The workers licked the spatula, touched their phones, & didn't wear practical clothing inside the facility. This is the same company that was suspended last year for two weeks due to an employee licking tons of pre roll joints during the pandemic. We shall see what happens here in the future and we will keep you updated. Delta 8  Delta 8 is Not getting banned in the State of Michigan. Governor Whitmer came out with a response saying we aren't banning it like we originally thought. The state is taking a different approach to have Delta 8 regulated in the state. This is a great step for our state to lead the way with Delta 8, we actually reviewed the vape oil of Delta 8 before we thought it was going to get banned. The MRA will be regulating the Delta 8 testing it just like the medical and adult-use cannabis gets tested through that program too.
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