23 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Episode 20: A Switch of Fate in Kuwait: a conversation with Maan Alyagout (Part 2)

In this episode we continue our discussion with Maan Alyagout.  Maan describes how he was able to escape from Kuwait during the invasion by Iraq in 1990 into Saudi Arabia. A great storyteller, Maan continues to describe his journey that led him from the deserts of Arabia to the redwood forests of Northern California.  Using his wits and diplomatic savvy, Maan escapes with his life with dreams of returning to Humboldt County, where we speak with him today. Like this podcast? Follow us and leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts or just about anywhere podcasts are found! Just search for "Metamo Travel." We really appreciate it.Learn more about Metamo: https://metamo.travel/subscribe/Or, enquire about your next trip: https://metamo.travel/enquire/
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