34 minutes | Nov 9, 2021

Episode 209 - Working When You Hurt

We've been through a lot these past couple of years. There have likely been some personal struggles for you and/or your family that distracted you from work. How in the world can you wrestle with a life-altering situation at home AND be the employee you aspire to be? Here's the answer. You can't, and that's OK. Listen in as Bob and Josh share some stories from their personal lives in hopes of helping anyone out there that is struggling. How have you coped with situations like these? Let's discuss.Keep The Conversation Going:We love our community. We love interacting with our community even more, and our Discord server is the place for that! Give us feedback, bring up topic ideas, or just ask a few questions. We're here to help! Join our community now!Help Us Spread The Word: Love our content? Help us out by sharing on social media, rating our podcast/episodes on iTunes, or giving to our Patreon campaign. Every time you give, in any way, you empower our mission of helping as many agilists as possible. Thanks for sharing!
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