125 minutes | Aug 16th 2020

Hinduism, Feminism and Society: Conversation with Neha Srivastava, Founder/President of Shaktitva

Join Mukunda as he speaks to Neha Srivastava, Founder and President of Shaktitva Foundation. Neha and Shaktitva are focused on feminism, feminity, women’s issues, advocacy, and Hindu issues. In this episode, we discuss a host of topics including:
0:01:20 Introduction to Neha and her background
0:04:20 Overview of the Sabarimalai Issue
0:12:40 Women and Sabarimalai
0:18:00 Formation of Shaktitva
0:24:45 Discussion on the Nature of Hindu Temples and Government Control
0:32:20 Discussion on Shakti, Rama and understanding texts
0:37:00 Discussion of Shakti, Femininity and Gender
0:43:20 Samkhya Philosophy, Shakta Tradition and thinking on Gender
0:47:15 Hindu Understanding of Feminism
0:54:30 Attacks on Hindu Subaltern Practices and Traditions
1:18:00 History of Feminism and Difference between Western and Indian feminism
1:30:14 Village Women and Financial Literacy
1:41:40 Issues in Indian Non-Profit Law and Hinduism
1:49:20 Modern vs Traditional responses to Woman’s Health Issues specifically Menstruation
1:58:40 Dalit Scholars and Hindutva, the lack of free speech platforms
2:01:45 Concluding Thoughts and Upcoming Projects

You can find Neha Srivastava at:

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