89 minutes | Jul 17th 2020

Caste, Dalits and Hindu Society: Conversation with Prof. Guru Prakash

Join Mukunda as he speaks to Prof. Guru Prakash, Professor of Law at Patna University in Bihar. Prof. Prakash is a Dalit scholar and activist, who writes, studies and speaks on Dalit Issues in India and Hindu society. In this episode, we discuss a host of topics (listed broadly with approximate timestamps):
1 min 20 seconds: Introduction and Background of Professor Guru Prakash
6 min 55 seconds: Civil Rights of African Americans and the comparison with Dalit movement in India
10 min: Diversity within the Dalit Jati or Community
16 min 40 sec: Complexity in Understanding Caste
23 min 20 sec: Interaction and Issues between Jati or Castes vis-à-vis Education and Careers
31 min 14 min: Differences between Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Castes and Scheduled Tribes
39 min: Hinduism, Hindutva, Ambedkar and Dalits
51 min 50 sec: The problem with the Dalit-Muslim-Marxist alliance
1 hour 7 min: Addressing the Dalit Cause in Society
1 hour 16 min 50 sec: Christian Missionary Activity Impact on Dalit communities
1 Hour 21 min: Closing Thoughts

It is an important conversation and something that I believe all Hindus and Indians need to grapple with.

You can find Prof. Guru Prakash at:

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Watch his lecture on Caste here:

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