39 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

Trauma – Part 1

What is trauma? How does it impact the brain? To many, the word trauma brings to mind emergency rooms, combat, physical injury, or sexual assault. It's less likely to conjure up examples such as being a racial or sexual minority, enduring significant loss, or being a parent and working three jobs, and still find time to be human

Join Dr. Beach and Dr. Sarah Wright, Psychologist, Sex Therapist, and author of Trauma: Understanding and Coping with a Cortisoaked Brain. Listen and learn as they tackle questions like: how trauma affects the brain; the difference between a corti-sprinkled, corti-saturated, and corti-soaked brain; the importance of relationships and intimate connections; our culture of vulnerability; and the destructive impacts of stigma and shame. Gain real insight on this critical topic in part 1 of 2 episodes!