57 minutes | Jun 15, 2020

RACISM — Commit to the Solutions

RACISM (Part 2): The answer to the problem of racism is the commitment to its solutions. Armand King, author, activist, advocate, and motivational speaker describes his upbringing as a black man and how his life experiences have been colored by racism. He covers the associated fear of the police, terrorism, and the adverse impacts of intergenerational trauma, gross inequity, racial profiling, and extreme discrimination. He calls for immediate action on many fronts including education, policy change, and massive police reform. Relate, empathize, and learn—we all need to listen to this episode.For more information on unconscious bias visit:https://bctpartners.com#mentalrealitywithdrbeach #drbeach #reachdrbeach #armandking #blacklivesmatter #unconsciousbias #racism #systemicracism #poverty #whiteprivilege
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