59 minutes | Dec 29, 2020

Muscle Minded

Let's all get muscle minded with Tyler Sarry, a fitness coach, wellness motivator, and mental health advocate. In this honest, educational, and inspiring episode, Tyler covers what is not typically known or seen on the surface, including why he first got into fitness; navigating learning challenges due to ADHD, and the physical and psychological highs and lows when he competed as a fitness model. This episode covers mindful eating, portion control/moderation, healthy vs. unhealthy food choices, how to apply the "80:20 rule", the philosophy behind intermittent fasting, and the need to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into a sustainable lifestyle. Dr. Beach and Tyler focus on the mental health benefits of exercise. They also discuss Tyler's prior struggles with his body image, overexercising, and undereating and the risks of vanity and social media pressures. Tyler's journey can help us all achieve a better mind-body connection and balance. Additional Information:https://www.tylersarry.comFacebook
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