25 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

Hearing Voices — Helpful Strategies (Part 2 of 2)

In this follow-up episode, Dmitriy Gutkovich, mental health advocate and lived experience expert on hearing voices, and Dr. Beach cover concrete strategies to help those who are hearing voices that can negatively impact their happiness, attention, perceived abilities, and/or overall voice ecosystem. Recommended strategies include: learning how to create distance and not personalize voices; scheduling set time with voices; defining threatening attacks more productively; tolerating the ambiguity of voices and not needing to solve all presenting problems; embracing the vagueness of voices; and developing a voice ecosystem. This episode will leave listeners feeling empowered and hopeful and, contrary to what so many falsely believe, many people who hear voices can and do live a happy and productive life in harmony.

Additional Information:

Life with Voices — A Guide for Harmony the paperback launches on 9/7, and the ebook launches on 9/14 ( pre-order is available now).

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