59 minutes | Jul 11th 2019

EP6: Elyn Saks: "In solidarity, with pride, and without shame".

Virgil speaks with Dr. Elyn Saks, J.D., Ph.D. Among many things, Dr. Saks is a scholar, a mental health lawyer, an author, a Macarthur Fellow, a professor, and a life-long advocate for improving mental health care. She is a graduate of Oxford University, where she studied philosophy, she is also a graduate of Yale University where she earned her Juris-doctorate degree and is currently completing a Ph. D. in psychoanalysis. In 2002, Dr. Saks published the book, Refusing Care: Forced Treatment and the Rights of the Mentally Ill, in which she wrote, “It has been said that how a society treats its least well-off members speaks volumes about its humanity. If so, our treatment of the mentally ill suggests that American society is inhumane: swinging between over-intervention and utter neglect, we sometimes force extreme treatments on those who do not want them, and at other times discharge mentally ill patients who do want treatment without providing adequate resources for their care in the community.” In 2007, Dr. Saks published her acclaimed memoir, The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness, which chronicles her own personal experience of schizophrenia that began in her teen years. In 2012, Dr. Saks gave the TED talk, “A tale of mental illness - from the inside” which now has nearly 4-million views. Dr. Saks' contributions to the betterment of our mental health system are countless and it is a great honor to have her on our show today. It is going to be a fascinating talk!
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