127 minutes | Feb 4, 2017

Can We End Black Unemployment, Without The Government?

PRESIDENT OBAMA is often lauded for lowering the national UNEMPLOYMENT RATE down to 4.7, however the AFRICAN AMERICAN community was seemingly left behind as the current unemployment rate for BLACKS sits at 8.8.  PRESIDENT TRUMP continuously announces plans to bring jobs back to AFRICAN AMERICAN communities, but many BLACKS are leery of TRUMP'S intentions.   However, regardless of whose president the AFRICAN AMERICAN unemployment rate has historically been double that of WHITES.  So the question remains what can be done to bring jobs back to majority BLACK communities?  Special guests DM HOPEWELL, blogger at Hopewell Thought and ASHIKI TAYLOR, founder of Black American Made stop by to discuss not only how to improve unemployment, but practical solutions to effectively END UNEMPLOYMENT in the AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY.  Mental Dialogue asking the questions America's afraid to ask.  "ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK"
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