19 minutes | May 10, 2021

The Multi-Dimensional Approach To Maximize Your Memberships

In this episode, we are discussing how to get the most out of your basic membership programs and how to position your higher-priced memberships to create more commitment and better results for your clients. A lot of people see their basic membership subscribers as simply their “base clients”.  But they are also a great opportunity to grow your business. By applying a multi-dimensional approach, you can  ·        utilize them to attract more clients for your higher-priced services·        improve your deliverables by discovering your clients’ needs and struggles Your higher-priced memberships, on the other hand, can get you better clients and greater results through the right price point and how you position them.

Read the full show notes here: https://membershipsmastermind.com/memberships-mastermind-podcast-episode-13/(opens in a new tab)
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