26 minutes | May 28th 2019

Episode 35: Talk at The Riley Foundation

Everyone knows Ba and Josette and their great work Natural Learning Relationships.

This podcast provides perhaps the best insight into the core of NLR. Consciousness must become the way of all relationships with children. Learn how it works and why this must be so.

There is a spiritual essence expressed in through, and as nature, that is in each of us, and expresses itself in the natural development of children.

If we're going to be with children, be with our life essence, be with the unfolding of our humanity, we have to participate in consciousness with children. We have to understand how the natural laws unfold in a consciousness way.

…We can move away from the hurtful conditioning imposed on children.

Josette said:

…in every age of childhood, and every age of development, something different is organizing.

Human development is governed by natural laws. We’re all unfolding in stages. The variable is the environment. What is the child exposed to in the environment? That's where we come in to play, because we are the environment of the children around us. We create it, we organize it, and we organize our time, and our space, and our relationships to them.

Ba said:

The actualization of wholeness—and the actualization of spirit, is lived through us, through the life force, and through consciousness. If we start relating to children in that way, then we have this great opportunity to allow a transformation to emerge and unfold according to natural laws, just like the flowers in your garden...

To learn more start here: https://luvmourconsulting.com/natural-learning-relationships

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