29 minutes | Feb 18th 2021

Season 2 Episode 4: Return of the Bison

Restoration of bison to tribal lands: “Restoring Bison to Tribal Lands” The National Wildlife Federation article can be found here “Boy-zshan Bi-den (Buffalo Return)” short film on YouTube   Cattle Genetics: American Beefalo Association Website Beefalo writeup by Oklahoma State University Ecological Integrity:Video on ecological integrity and public lands, mostly as pertaining to waterways"Measuring Ecological Integrity: History, Practical Applications, and Research Opportunities" by Zachary Wurtzebach and Courtney SchultzBison as a Keystone Species:Bison as a Keystone Species webpage by the Ohio Wesleyan UniversityAmerican Prairie blog entry on "Moving Bison" and their role in the ecosystem"The Keystone Role of Bison in North American Tallgrass Prairie" by Knapp et al"Wildlife that Depend on Bison" by Abby Barber, National Wildlife Federation“Theodore Roosevelt & Bison Restoration on the Great Plains” By Keith Aune & Glenn Plumb, not available through the Park County Library System, but available through Legends Bookstore here "Bringing Back the Bison" by Alix Morris, National Geographic"Managing Bison to Restore Biodiversity" by Joe C. Truett et al  Paradigm Shift Article written by Jason Baldes on the paradigm shift that needs to happen before bison are restored. Legislation “The Buffalo: A Treaty of Cooperation, Renewal and Restoration” read at the beginning of the episode by Hunter Old Elk found here U.S. Congress, House. Indian Buffalo Management Act. HR 5153, can be found here. Pleistocene Park: https://pleistocenepark.ru/ "Pleistocene Park: Return of the Mammoth's Ecosystem" by Sergey A Zimov “Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History’s Most Iconic Extinct Creatures” by Ben Mezrich, available at the Park County Library System
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