39 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

Native American Service Men and Women

Earlier in the first season of this podcast, we learned about Meeteetse's veterans who fought during the "Indian Wars". When those veterans retired to Meeteetse, they lived side-by-side with the people they had been fighting against. In this episode, we take a deep-dive into a history not often spoken about: Native American military service in the United States. We speak with Dr. William Meadows, a cultural anthropologist who has spent much of his career learning about Native American military veterans through field work, and Dr. Jeff Means, an enrolled Member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and veteran of the US Marine Corps. Meeteetse’s Native American veterans include Louis E Allard, Fredrick Bernard, John Frost, Delbert Garthwaite, and Marion Barnhart. Special thanks to Kathleen Holtzer for her research on military veterans of Meeteetse. Cover art by Jenna Williams.
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