4 minutes | Aug 20th 2020

Strengthening the Social Fabric through Art and Activism with Pepe Aguilar

Pepe Aguilar, Berliner from Class 21 of our Executive MBA in Creative Leadership, is a Mexican cultural artist and activist as well as the multi-award-winning Chief Creative Officer at Grey Wing New York. He launched his art and activism platform, Art Pepe, after having discovered more meaningful purpose for his visual work upon moving to New York four and half years ago. He recognized that capitalistic tools can be used for activism – in this case helping emerging majorities. With campaigns that empower culture and social action, his platform aims to bring Hispanic culture to a global stage to promote discussion around cultural innovation that strengthens the social fabric connecting us all. This is Pepe’s story on how the platform came to be and the force for good that can come out of a new era of tolerance and inclusion. Bite-sized Berliners is our “short and sweet” podcast series serving up fresh, under-10-minute food for thought that’s perfect to chew on while enjoying your favorite beverage. Tune in as Berliners* – both participants and alums – offer up their juicy observations on life and work. *In Germany, a Berliner is also a jelly donut
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