31 minutes | Apr 2nd 2020

Bringing Light to Darkness: Why We Need Science Communicators Now More Than Ever with Karyn Riegel

Karyn Riegel is a creative business leader working for the impact investment unit of the global life sciences company, Bayer. Leaps by Bayer, as the unit is called, has a valiant mission to conquer the ten huge challenges it sees as having the greatest impact on humanity in the decades to come – challenges which include curing genetic diseases, reducing the environmental impact of farming, eradicating insect born infections and driving transformational digital business models. At times like these – when many of us are asking ourselves just where our world is headed, it has offered some hope to see the world’s brightest scientific minds battling side by side on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic – working at unprecedented speed to find ways to prevent the spread of the virus and treat those already infected. Karyn spoke to Rose, Content Strategist at the Berlin School, about the value of intellectual partnerships in science innovation, the responsibility of being a science communicator in these heady days of fear and misinformation and the tremendous potential that the Leaps’ projects offer for humans to enjoy a more sustainable and healthy future on our planet Earth.
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