8 minutes | Jun 25th 2020

A Mini-Playbook for Micro-Enterprises on the Post-Pandemic Playing Field with Ethel Sanchez

Ethel Sanchez, Berliner from Class 22 of our Executive MBA in Creative Leadership, is a Brand Strategist, currently heading Strategy and Analytics for the Philippines' biggest independent agency, NuWorks Interactive Labs. She’s also a lecturer for the MBA program of the University of the Philippines and co-founder of Wheelhouse Collective PH, a consultancy group that specializes in micro-small to micro-medium scale enterprise strategy. Listen in to her mini-playbook on how she believes local micro-enterprises, born out of the pandemic, can survive the shift back to the new normal. Bite-sized Berliners is our “short and sweet” podcast series serving up fresh, under-10-minute food for thought that’s perfect to chew on while enjoying your favorite beverage. Tune in as Berliners* – both participants and alums – offer up their juicy observations on life and work. *In Germany, a Berliner is also a jelly donut
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