19 minutes | Dec 18th 2020

Soul awakening in today’s igniting meditation – The Elements series - Fire – December 2020

Welcome to the fourth and last part in “The elements” miniseries where we connect and work with energy of the four elements. Today we connect with the vital element of FIRE. It is a strong, beautiful and transformational energy that helps us awaken our body, our mind, our strength, our soul and passion for life. It clears a path between us and our truth and just like the bird Phoenix we get to raise from the ashes as the sun raises. * I was recording this in front of an open fire and I let that be the “music” for this meditation. I hope you will enjoy this meditation and thank you for being part of spreading it further! Remember the ignition is here for you no matter when in time you listen to it and you can go back and reconnect as often as you like. Love and light Maria P.s If you like a notification when I release a new meditation, remember to subscribe to my channel.
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