103 minutes | Dec 19th 2020

MEDITATION JAM - Spirit of Awen with guest Penny Billington - 20 of december 2020

Warm Welcome to a new pod episode of Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné and guest Penny Billington! * Today I’m thrilled to share my talk to long time Druid, author, speaker and workshop leader Penny Billington. Penny started her journey as a Druid about 30 years ago and have since written multiple books both about the teaching as well as fun fiction. Today we take a peak into what it means to be a Druid. The teachings and respect for nature, the spirit of Awen and more. Penny also gives us some tips and tricks. I think this sums up it so well as Penny talks about Awen – The art of life is to be creative. That is the difference between living or existing. If you like to read more about Penny’s work, and the teachings of a Druid please go to: www.pennybillington.com/ www.facebook.com/DruidryUK The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids https://druidry.org/ * After our talk that is about 1hour and 15 minutes we go straight to the igniting meditation. Here we connect with the elements and a beautiful vibration that clears our path, our view and our lust to walk a illuminated path into 2021. Thank you again Penny for your wisdom, big heart, your work and joining me today!. Also thank you all who have followed Meditation Jam this year. I feel blessed, happy and excited to meet you all again in 2021! Love and love Maria MARIA RINNÉ – IGNITE YOUR HEART - Intuitive Life Coach www.mariarinne.com www.facebook.com/MariaRinneEnergy www.instagram.com/mariarinneenergy/ YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UC6IOg6Mt1QsOWWR9Pubk78A If you like to contribute to my work whilst you dig deeper into your own energy, please go to www.patreon.com/mariarinneenergy Music in meditation Moby LA2
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