28 minutes | Jan 2nd 2021

MEDITATION JAM - New energy rising – 3 of January 2021

Welcome to a new pod episode of Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné, the first of the year and the first in the Age of Aquarius that we moved into on the 21/12 2020. It is a lovely energy that helps us clear our way from our past year/years to make space for what’s to come, a new fresh energy and year. Our new way is about Lust, Love and Joy connected to Nature, Universe and all that is. I look forward to start our journey with this energy that feels free, empowering and social/connected. I hope you will enjoy it and thank you for listening, subscribing and spreading it further. Love and Joy Maria p.s. remember to subscribe if you want a heads up when my next igniting meditation is out. Maria Rinné - Pure Heart Ignition www.mariarinne.com www.facebook.com/MariaRinneEnergy www.instagram.com/mariarinneenergy/ www.youtube.com/channel/UC6IOg6Mt1QsOWWR9Pubk78A If you would like to contribute to my work whilst you dig deeper into your own energy, please go to www.patreon.com/mariarinneenergy Music in meditation Moby LA3
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