33 minutes | Jan 16th 2021

MEDITATION JAM - Coming together - 18 January 2021

Warm welcome to a new pod episode of “Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné” and a new heart ignition. We have stepped into a new era and it’s felt in the energy we connect to. It is light, loving, and supportive inner journey. We are no longer walking alone but together. Enjoying the steps and sending love and light both to our past and future. I hope you will enjoy this inner journey and thank you for connecting, subscribing, and spreading the light further. Love and Joy Maria p.s. remember to subscribe if you want a heads up when my next igniting meditation is out. Maria Rinné - Pure Heart Ignition www.mariarinne.com www.facebook.com/MariaRinneEnergy www.instagram.com/mariarinneenergy/ www.youtube.com/channel/UC6IOg6Mt1QsOWWR9Pubk78A If you would like to contribute to my work whilst you dig deeper into your own energy, please go to www.patreon.com/mariarinneenergy Music in meditation Moby LA9
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