21 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

Aquarius New Moon guided meditation - A feeling of coming home to ourselves - 11 of February 2021

A feeling of coming home to ourselves in this Aquarius New Moon guided meditation 11 of February 2021 I’ve been feeling excited all day to connect and had a giant smile throughout the whole ignition. This energy takes us to a feeling of coming home, in our earthly body by open our hearts to Universal love and to ourselves. It’s an effortless expansion of our heart chakra that connects us to all that is around us, with love and support. The more we come together the higher our vibration is for us to boldly be our pure selves, with joy. I hope you will enjoy the meditation and ignition and remember it’s here no matter when in time you listen to it or how often. Thank you for connecting and being part of spreading it further. New Moon expansion to all, Maria P.s. Remember to subscribe if you want a notification when my next meditation is released. Music in meditation by Moby LA11 MARIA RINNÉ – IGNITE YOUR HEART – Intuitive Life Coach Good vibes donation - www.paypal.me/PureHeartSweden www.mariarinne.com www.facebook.com/mariarinneenergy Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné – Podcast Instagram @mariarinneenergy If you would like to contribute to my work whilst you dig deeper into your own energy, please go to www.patreon.com/mariarinneenergy
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